Uncle Chikanook Gamer

Uncle Chikanook Gamer

Streamer + Caster • Mobile • MOBA

As Team Salty’s most senior streamer yet, Uncle Chikanook defies the trope that esports is for youngsters, and embraces it in his chosen IGN.

Apart from merely streaming, Uncle Chikanook is also a beloved member of the community, starting out as a humble stream moderator before graduating to become a talent in his own right.

After enduring the endless toil of streaming, Uncle Chikanook’s efforts culminated in being selected as a caster of the prestigious MPL playoffs and MSC 2021, securing his spot in the limelight.

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  • Instagram: 1.4k

“At my age, many would say ‘why are you still playing games?’ But with such a deep interest for this field, I thought why not?”

“Kalau ikutkan usia ramai yang cakap apa main game lagi. Tapi minat yang mendalam dalam bidang ini, saya berfikir kenapa tidak?”

– uncle chikanook
Interview by Astro Awani, 18 July 2021


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