Cosplayer + Streamer • Multi-platform • Variety

Ristelle is a cosplayer and model with a dedicated following on both Instagram and Facebook. She is also part of the local girl group Deltarhythm, where she sings and dances alongside her 4 teammates.

Cheerful and hardworking, Ristelle has endeared herself to many fans with her singing capabilities and willingness to experiment in all sorts of games. Apart from that, she also runs a Patreon page where she releases exclusive photo sets for her dedicated fans.

  • Facebook: 10.4k
  • Instagram: 15.4k
  • TikTok: 6.8k
  • Twitch: 3.9k

“The reason why I wanted to stream is because of the funny and great moments that I missed out and couldn’t capture during my gameplay. It made me realize that I might as well stream because I can always save memorable clips.”

– ristelle, on why she started streaming
Interview by OffGamers, 22 April 2021


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