Streamer • Mobile • Variety

Known for her sense of humour and playful nature, MamaJess thrives in both her identities as a proud mother and full-time streamer. Apart from indulging in popular titles such as Mobile Legends and Free Fire, she also isn’t averse to trying out quirky new games from time to time.

Occasionally, her son makes adorable guest appearances on streams, making the viewing experience even more entertaining.

  • Facebook: 542.4k
  • Instagram: 36.4k
  • TikTok: 28.5k


“In life, if there is something you want to try, just try it. Pay no heed to other people’s criticism, don’t be afraid of mistakes or failures, and don’t give up on your dreams. If you are wrong, there is always time to choose another path. “

– MamaJess
Interview by The Oriental Daily, 24 April 2021

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